Psychology Consulting & Dreamwork

Dream Work

At the individual and group level, Dream Work consultations are offered with an Indigenous perspective to nurture and explore personal dreams and visions with a non-clinical approach.

Community Psychology

Community Psychology is focused on building a relationship framework between individual people and the communities in which they live. This is done in a relational and collaborative fashion employing research and action that works toward enhancing the quality of life for both individuals and the community as a whole. In community psychology, we find answers to our needs by working together to find and employ community generated strategies and actions that seek to build and create a quality life for all members of any given place, culture, and society, without question or qualification. In community psychology we all are the expert on our condition, and also inherently know what is needed to meet our needs and challenges.

Liberation Psychology

Liberation Psychology engages the process of speaking to our interests, aspirations, and dreams. Working from an authentic place of who we are culturally, socially, politically and in terms of identity, we seek to unite the fullness of our inner being with the world we seek to create. The goal is to work with our present state of consciousness and interdependence to develop new forms of consciousness that inspire and create transformation.   Liberation Psychology acknowledges that we are interdependent beings living within cultures, communities and social systems that have been built on or have survived within the contexts of colonization and oppression. Liberation psychology acknowledges that one person’s liberation is directly tied to the liberation and freedom of all people. To overcome psychological and material oppression we identify and work with the social and cultural structures that contribute to oppression and continued colonization, finding the root level of these issues and together seeking strategies that help build new consciousness.

Indigenous Psychology and Ecopsychology

One of the greatest challenges indigenous people face is maintaining, and in cases where it has been lost, finding, a deeply connected relationship with the land. Ecopsychology and Indigenous Psychology center on the idea that a thriving relationship with the natural world is essential for physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural well-being.   We seek to identify relevant cultural practices, ideas, and life ways that assist in reconnection with land, sacred place, and the soul of the world.

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