Psychology Consulting & Dreamwork

Indigenous Awakening Dream Work

Indigenous Awakening Consulting offers Dream Work to individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations. Dream Work is a relational process that builds a dialogue with dream images and active imagination at work in the personal and collective unconscious. Using Depth Psychology, rooted in Jungian and Archetypal approaches, Dream Work offers a modality that actively works with dream images to create empowerment, understanding, value and meaning to what is constantly at play below the surface in individual and group life. The quest in Dream Work is to build a conscious relationship with what is unconscious so we have full access to the entirety of our being.

Individual Dream Work

Individual Dream Work offers empowerment to anyone seeking a clearer relationship with dreams and dreaming. I offer techniques that help people remember and work with dreams, and work with you in discovering where dream images are at play in the waking life. Indigenous Awakening Consulting offers personalized in depth techniques to help you engage and grow an active relationship with dreams and the waking life.

Community and Organizational Dream Work

Community and Organizational Dream Work offer a context for accessing and understanding new ideas and consciousness within the life of any group or organization. Using the pioneering technique of Social Dream Matrix, I assist groups in seeing the images, ideas, and creative responses operating under the surface of group life so that new thought forms can be accessed and emerge to grow the life of any organization.

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